Few words about the brand

Paillette Therapie's universe is a playground with a ball filled with glitter. A panel of colors that combines beautiful skins, a touch of light and a hint of mischievousness in a Mary Poppins bag, much more generous in volume than it might seem.

What can be found in the bag? A notebook full of ideas, a lipstick for colorful smiles, headphones to escape, a flower made in Japanese paper offered one summer, and thousands of things we wish to keep secret! For girls at ease with themselves, loving to swap their sneakers for heels and go dancing! A bag that will take you everywhere, from exhibitions to all night long concerts.

You can spot it in Paris where it has been created and made with love, but also in all the countries around the world you would dream to discover, clung to your Paillette Therapie handbag!